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Tuesday & Wednesday

June 4 - 5, 2024

In-depth sessions for audio and visual professionals
Talks by industry leading pioneers and inspiring technology specialists

Peter Philips

Peter Philips is a meticulous sound engineer/producer known for his precise mixing techniques and keen ear for detail. He has many years of experience in all disciplines of audio , FOH, broadcast, post-production… Co-owner of Alaska Studios.

Take part in a captivating seminar uncovering the secrets of a multi-discipline audio team. Two seasoned experts, each with a wealth of experience across various audio realms, unite to share their insights. Through an engaging Q&A session, we'll delve into their journey of collaboration and discover the driving forces behind their success. Perfect for audio technicians mixing bands or theater professionals seeking inspiration and new perspectives.


Peter Philips


Wednesday June 5 at 11.00

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