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Tuesday & Wednesday

MAY 23 - 24, 2023

In-depth sessions for audio and visual professionals
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Marc Lorenz

Marc Lorenz has over 30 years of experience as a freelance operator, programmer, lighting director and designer on many well-known festivals, arena shows, tours, television and corporate events, as well as being a respected trainer for lighting consoles and media servers.

IP65 has more to it than just a protection rating against water. It has impact on the way you use, deploy and maintain your fixtures. This session will explain the impact of technologies like EasyProtect 65, ColdProtect 65, and SunProtect 65. Frequent deployment, low maintenance and and high versatility are key to making an investment in moving heads profitable.

This seminar will provide an in-depth look at the Ayrton lighting 3 range, featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative design. Learn about the different fixtures and how they can be used to create stunning lighting displays for a wide range of applications. Gain practical insights into the features and understand the differences within the 3 series fixtures.


Marc Lorenz


Tuesday May 23 at 13.30
Wednesday May 24 at 13.30
Tuesday May 23 at 9.30
Wednesday May 24 at 9.30

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