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Tuesday & Wednesday

June 4 - 5, 2024

In-depth sessions for audio and visual professionals
Talks by industry leading pioneers and inspiring technology specialists

Kristof Nys

With two decades immersed in lighting and LED technologies, Kristof Nys became an industry authority in lighting control and networks. His role as an application specialist at Luminex further enhances his expertise and makes him the perfect keynote speaker when talking about sharing lighting control in a network.

Learn how to seamlessly integrate and share control on your lighting rig without compromise. Merge your theater's master desk with visitor consoles and still have full control over color and position, while guests manage intensities effortlessly. From theaters to festival stages, from from sharing some parameters to all, with Luminex's Luminode or Lumicore, it's a simple matter. Discover the ease and expand your knowledge during this seminar.


Kristof Nys


Tuesday June 4 at 9.30
Wednesday June 5 at 9.30

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