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Tuesday & Wednesday

June 4 - 5, 2024

In-depth sessions for audio and visual professionals
Talks by industry leading pioneers and inspiring technology specialists

Daniel Kannenberg

Daniel Kannenberg is the brand and product manager for MA Lighting, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting control systems. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, he is an expert on the MA3 platform. Daniel is the connection between the customer-needs and the development team.

Prepare for the festival season with Daniel Kannenberg's exclusive seminar on the grandMA3 startshow. Tailored for lighting operators, this session delves into the latest advancements in the grandMA3 software, equipping you with essential skills to elevate your performance. Gain invaluable insights, tips, and tricks to master the intricacies of the updated platform and ensure seamless lighting control throughout busy festival schedules.


Daniel Kannenberg


Tuesday June 4 at 15.30
Wednesday June 5 at 15.30

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