The World of e:cue Smart Dynamic Light Management

“SYMPHOLIGHT, SYMPHOCITY and SYMPL offers a full range of HW interfaces and sophisticated software solutions to manage small to large scale dynamic and interactive media and lighting installations. During this seminar you will learn the system architecture of e:cues hardware interface range for dynamic RGBW lighting (DMX RDM) and media fixtures (ARTNET, e:pix), plus the possibilities to interact with dimmers, relais, sensors and functional lighting (DALI). Furthermore we will show you the capabilities to create custom user interfaces for wall mount display or hand held devices. Also we will show you how easy it is to create interactive experiences where media and light respond to external sensor inputs to create full immersive experiences.”

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The World of e:cue Smart Dynamic Light Management


Tuesday October 22 at 11.00
Wednesday October 23 at 11.00

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