The showpieces of the high-tech Library of Voices of the Alamire Foundation are the advanced sound labs on the first and the second floor. FACE PROJECTS developed and installed the sophisticated sound systems that result in a unique musical experience.
This is one of those projects that started with the phrase" wouldn't it be nice if ...? “. Steven Kemland together with the involved academics will bring you a compelling story on what the challenges were to get where they wanted. In the Auralisation Sound Lab, on the first floor, where polyphonic music is studied, they have installed a self-assembled surround system with no less than 20 speakers. Visitors can play old polyphonic compositions and, if desired, pick out certain pitches or voices. We had to write a special operating software to make this practically possible, because the music contains up to 64 voices. At the same time, we have ensured that even for non-technically skilled people the installation is very easy to operate via a tablet. A true challenge! The Interactive Sound Lab on the second floor is a singing and recording space. It is something special because singers can perform polyphonic pieces in a simulation of the specific acoustics of the rooms for which the music was written at the time. This is done through a system that can add reverberation by recording voices and playing back with or without delay and with the addition of reverb - depending on the selected room.

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Tuesday October 22 at 16.30

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