Moving Head Contest

Choosing the right moving head for your work is the most challenging task of the LED era. After decades of discharge lamps and a selection of standard fixtures we are looking for ‘the new standard’.
We like to compare the new to the old. A common question these days is what fixture can replace my old VL2500? What fixture to replace the Viper on the rider? Today’s spec sheets are loaded with terms like CRI, Lux, TM3015, source lumens, Watts… but what is relevant for you and your business? By explaining what they are and what they mean, we will give you a insight in the numbers and facts on the spec sheets. Of course, a head to head shootout with the old-classics and the new LED fixtures is a must during this session.

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Moving Head Contest


Tuesday October 22 at 9.30
Tuesday October 22 at 13.30
Wednesday October 23 at 13.30

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