Neel Swinnen

In his role as Account Manager Pro Audio at FACE, Neel guides you to the correct solution when it comes to live and installed sound. Neel has a technical background, and therefore not just "talks the talk", but also "walks the walk".

Unite Your Audience

About 2 years ago Martin Audio started to campaign their ‘Unite your Audience’ tagline with a clear vision that would result in an amazing product line up that has now came to completion. Neel Swinnen will give you a brief overview of the history of PA by making a clear distinction between the demands of the audio technicians and the technology that was offered at the time. This leads to how Martin Audio was able to differentiate themselves from other brands in the Live audio industry.

Wavefront Precision Demo

During this hour we can elaborate on the benefits of wavefront precision technology. Neel Swinnen uses examples to explain the strength of Wavefront precision. He will also talk about the CCD series, which offers single-speaker solutions with an unparalleled differentiated spread.
People who like to have listening examples from different speakers get the time to experience them first hand. In addition, together with Erik Loots, there is a chance to delve deeper into the world of immersive. We can repeat listening examples or view what and how immersive audio can be applied in your productions.


Neel Swinnen


Tuesday October 22 at 11.00
Tuesday October 22 at 16.30
Wednesday October 23 at 11.00
Wednesday October 23 at 16.30

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