Neel Swinnen

In his role as Account Manager Pro Audio at FACE, Neel guides you to the correct solution when it comes to live and installed sound. Neel has a technical background, and therefore not just "talks the talk", but also "walks the walk".

Wavefront Precision & Torus

In this session audio specialist Neel Swinnen will show you the advantages of Wavefront Precision on a WPS set, Display3 software and Ikon amps. In addition, the new Torus system will also be showcased during the same seminar.

Portable Speakers Lined Up

Portable speakers have plenty of application possibilities, in this session we are lining up the very best of Electro-Voice and Martin Audio. Expect a session where you will hear what different speaker have to offer, from the latest active column speakers to weatherised 15" Coaxial Differential Dispersion speakers. 


Neel Swinnen


Tuesday March 22 at 13.30
Wednesday March 23 at 13.30
Tuesday March 22 at 15.00
Wednesday March 23 at 15.00
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