Jordi Vandekerkhof

Jordi grew up with a strong passion for knobs, light and sound waves, this feeling arose at a very young age. The first time he touched a light console it became an addiction, a passion.. Since then he fell in love with everything that is involved with technical engineering in the entertainment industry; from that point on he couldn't image not working in the sector as we know it today. Jordi is known for being hardworking, upbeat, optimistic and creative.

Project Blackwave

In this session you will be taken on a journey that shows you step by step how the Blackwave LED strips were used on a TML stage. How do you manage 1km of LED strip and what are the do’s and don’t when running a production like this? The possibilities are endless and the creative freedom has never been greater. After this session you will feel confident to set up your own LED strip production on a big scale. You will know how to practically run this, what to look out for and go home with hands-on in-depth tips and tricks.


Jordi Vandekerkhof


Tuesday October 22 at 16.30
Wednesday October 23 at 16.30

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