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June 4 - 5, 2024

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Jeroen Opsteyn

Jeroen Opsteyn is a busy man, who has been giving his all as a light programmer and designer at Painting with Light for the last 6 years. Every day, he tries to come up with a new show in a creative way. He really is an ambiance creator who is quick and adept at programming shows. He enjoys the satisfaction of seeing everything come together during the first show after an intense start-up, and the positive reactions from the audience. As a loyal team player, giving away house secrets is not his thing: after all, what happens on tour ... But for this session he will maken an exception.

Learn more about the artistry of programming light shows with renowned operator Jeroen Opsteyn from Painting With Light in this captivating interview-style seminar. Explore the narrative power behind every cue in a programmed light show, as Jeroen shares his insights on how each cue tells a unique story. Gain a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of lighting design and learn why programming a light show is an art form by itself.


Jeroen Opsteyn


Tuesday June 4 at 17.30
Wednesday June 5 at 17.30

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