Bart Swinnen

Bart Swinnen is CEO at Luminex, a young and ambitious company specialized in developing AV network control equipment for the entertainment industry. Luminex focusses primarily on data networking for audio, light and video. As an entrepreneur Bart Swinnen is very passionate about audio visual networking and not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. His talk is a must for every modern stage or theatre technician, live sound engineer and lighting professional.

Network Nodes Versatility

The luminode was built for today and designed for tomorrow. In this session CEO of Luminex Bart Swinnen will share his vision on the versatility that network nodes provide in the entertainment industry. The luminodes and their processing engines equal more processing capacity and more flexibility for your shows. 


Bart Swinnen


Tuesday March 22 at 11.00
Wednesday March 23 at 11.00
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