Robin Dibble

Robin has been with Martin Audio since 2004, and is a key member of the Product Support team. He gained hands-on experience working as part of the audio engineering department at Glantree from 1998, moving onto head of audio engineering at Racetech until 2014, when he made the move to Martin Audio. Robin is the key speaker and presenter for all of Martin Audio’s international exhibition and event presentations, with his experienced and unique style the catalyst to engaging the audiences at every event product related demonstration. Now he is involved in technical support for the entire Martin Audio product range both past and present. Having been involved with the Multicellular range from an early point, his ability to offer product overviews with in-depth training has been applauded across the globe from Latin America to ASEAN.

Wavefront Precision Compact

World's first optimised arrays with scalable resolution. The greater the resolution, the greater the coverage control. The WPC is a new breed of medium-format optimised line array which brings innovative acoustic design, ultra-high performance and coverage consistency to a wider range of users, applications and budgets than previously possible. A three-way, bi-amp system, it features horn-loaded low-frequency, mid and HF sections to raise efficiency and increase output. Its high efficiency acoustic design can equal or outperform larger, direct radiator systems.


Robin Dibble


Tuesday October 2nd at 13.30
Wednesday October 3rd at 13.30

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