Kevin Smet

Kevin A.G. Smet, obtained his PhD in Engineering at KU Leuven in 2011. He is currently appointed as an Associate Research Professor at KU Leuven. Kevin is the team leader of the Appearance & Perception group of the Light&Lighting Laboratory and is an active member of CIE Division 1. His research interests include color rendition and color quality of white light sources, color appearance modeling, memory and preferred colors, perception of light and color in virtual reality and color science in general.

TM 30-15

This seminar deals with the concept of color rendering, how it has been assessed in the past using the CIE color rendering index, its problems and how these are addressed in the TM30-15/18 dual color rendition framework of the Illuminating Engineering Society and the newly published CIE224-2017 color fidelity index.


Kevin Smet


Tuesday October 2nd at 11.00
Wednesday October 3rd at 11.00

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