Dave Haydon

Dave Haydon is co-owner of Out Board and is involved with both design and market development for TiMax and other products developed and manufactured by the company. In a previous life he launched SoundWeb, Omnidrive and Varicurve on the world as sales director for BSS Audio, preceded by product management and senior sales roles at Solid Stage Logic and Midas.

Advanced Immersive Audio

TiMax Immersive Audio and Spatial Reinforcement  - the worlds most advanced spatial audio.  A detailed How Its Done look and demos of the  concepts and programming for real-life immersive audio soundscaping in experiential visitor exhbits and attractions, and also How Its Done with the current state-of-the-art in Spatial Reinforcement for real-time authentic localisation of performers and creation of sumptious orchestral panoramas.  Including an introduction to the ground-breaking new TiMax StageSpace tools for intelligent Auto-Calc rendering of adaptive spatial image-definition objects based on import of dimensioned venue drawings.


Dave Haydon


Tuesday October 2nd at 11.00
Wednesday October 3rd at 11.00

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