Darren Jackson

Darren is a very experienced professional with a thorough knowledge of the lighting industry, acquired during a career that has seen him work for leading companies including Chauvet, Lighting Resources and Tryka LED. Working in different sectors of the industry, he has gained insights into the widest possible range of lighting applications, good examples of which include supplying large outdoor installations at iconic locations like Trafalgar Square and meeting the requirements of premium TV shows such as the The Voice and X-Factor. Darren's further experience of working on the lighting needs of high-end music tours, theatres, nightclubs and bars throughout the UK makes him a respected influencer in the Pro light business.

GDS LEDs toolbox

We will be discussing how LEDs can be used to replace the light source in our existing light fittings, this is especially important when they are part of a Heritage Building restriction. We will also discuss the "Special Projects" Division within GDS and how this can enhance your venues. Taking all of this into account, we will also explain how we have developed a system that will enable you to reduce your energy consumption by selecting to use LEDs as your light source, but still having that fabulous "Tungsten Effect" - we call it "FADE to WARM".

Discover the GDS product toolbox for refittable LEDs, variable whites, custom fittings and energy system optimization.


Darren Jackson


Tuesday October 2nd at 11.00
Wednesday October 3rd at 11.00

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