Bob Roos

Dutch 51 year old, Key account Manager for Signify Entertainment Group, responsible for VL-Strand-Selecon-Showline. For BEN, FR, SP, POR, IT, CH, AUS,GER and S-A. Bob has started his carreer in the entertainment Industry more than 20 years ago. "Light is my passion"...With this credo, he works with lightdesigners, distributors and end-users to achieve the perfect lighting solutions.

Vari-Lite, from the VL2 to the VL2600

Get an insight into the world of Vari-lite. From the invention of the moving-head until today. The Dallas story from the sixties, with the development of the VL1 to a world leading brand in intelligent lighting. A series of choices that got Vari-Lite to the world’s biggest stages. An exciting story from ARC lamps to the LED  of the VL2600 of today.


Bob Roos


Tuesday October 2nd at 13.30
Wednesday October 3rd at 13.30

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